Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Class 19th May 2010

Combinations of effects and tools (especially Opacity and Blending

Up until this point I have avoided looking at the filters in
Photoshop. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with them but
they can be overused and look cliché. I feel it is best to learn
Photoshop in a way that you can create your own effects using
combinations of various tools, including filters. In particular I
would like you to become familiar with the opacity settings and
blending modes in the layers palette.

I want you to look at creating a digital collage that use combinations
of things like,

Blending modes
Gradient masks
Image adjustments
Rasterising type
Merging layers

One way to do this is to make a copy of a layer, then apply a filter.
You can then lower this new layer’s opacity and change the blending
mode to alter and soften the filter effect.

I would like you to create the collage from web images found on the
web such as google images or flickr. I would like you to stick to
using only photographs for this piece with the exception of using non
copyrighted artwork such as old etchings and clip art.

Size: 15cm X 15 cm 150 DPI
Program: Photoshop
Due: On screen, end of class

Note: If you would like a list of what all the blending modes do go here
Although it is best to just use them and get a feel for them.

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