For the first part of the year we mainly played around in Photoshop looking at various tools, their settings, and how they work. Therefore you should have files on your computer corresponding to,

  • Using brushes
  • Selections
  • Layers
  • Transforming
  • Image adjustments
  • Image>image size
  • Saving for the web

We also have done extensive work on setting up a blog, this requires that you

  • Set up a blog with
  • Created a banner image for the blog
  • Worked on your sidebar adding links and other gadgets
  • Chosen colours, fonts, and layout
  • Add required projects (5 in total)
  • Set up a bloglines account (or RSS reader of our choice) and subscribe to all class blogs 
You will need to collect all your work into one folder (on the desktop), clearly labeled with your name and the year, eg,
A CD with you work on it.
A USB drive with your work on it (Place in an envelope with your name)

Make sure all the projects are clearly labeled and ordered. I would also like you to have two sub-folders one for your final images and another for everything else.