Thursday, September 9, 2010

Collage skills, week 1: Slecting, cutting and pasting

Before you can copy anything you will need to make a selection. You can make a selection by using one of the selection tools.
Once you have made a selection you can go to the 'Edit' menu and chose 'Copy'. This will make a copy of what is in your selection on only the layer you have selected (Check the layers pallete, which one is highlighted blue?)
Go to the file you wish to paste your image into, go to the 'Edit' menu again, and click 'Paste'.
A new layer will be created with what you have copied from the other document or layer.
If this does not work be sure that you have the right layer selected and repeat the copy and paste process.

*You can make selections with many different tools
Lasso tools
Magic wand
rectangular marque tools

*You can add or subtract to selections by holding down the Shift (add) of the Option (subtract) after making your initial selection
*You can use a combination of selection tools in the one selection by using the above Shift and Options keys
*You can make a selection based on one layer and then chose a different layer to copy from
*Selections can also be made by using the pen tool and creating a 'path' or using the 'quick mask' editing mode
*You can select everything in a layer by going to the 'Selection' menu and clicking 'Select all' or by using the shortcut Apple/Control 'A'

*You can cut, copy and paste by using the shortcut keys
Cut= Apple/Control 'X'
Copy= Apple/Control 'C'
Paste= Apple/Control 'V'

*When you paste, it automatically creates anew layer above the one you have selected

New project 08/09/2010

Digital 1st year
Anthony Woodward

I am supplying you with six high resolution scans taken from an old science book. I would like you to look though these scans and choose parts of them to blend together into digital collages. I do not want you to add anything more than what is already in the images, but rather just make adjustments to what is already there.

Examples of things you can do,
•    Cut out elements and resize/reshape
•    Change colours (Invert or hue saturation could be useful)
•    Brightness contrast
•    Repeat images
•    Create a background
•    Use blending modes and layers

Examples of things I do not want you to do,
•    Add text
•    Paint over images with the paintbrush
•    Use simple filters (use filters only if you know how to blend them in with opacity, blending modes and layering)
•    Scan in your own imagery
•    Use any other files other than the ones supplied

Timeline: 4 weeks
This is not a race to see who can finish first or how quickly you can use Photoshop. Take the time to play around with some options and effects. For those of you that do finish quickly I would like to ask for your help in assisting those that do not have as much experience in Photoshop.
Output: Three A5 prints
To be printed in the last week (or when you are done)

Each week I will look at some of the basic skills you can use to complete this project.
The first week is selecting cutting and pasting