Thursday, July 22, 2010

Resubmiting work

As I mentioned I had trouble with CD and USB's not working and I will need to get certain people to resubmit. These people are,

Gillett, Beaux
Gorsuch, Emma
Guerra, Betsabeth
Hobbins, Lynda
Mcintyre, Cameron
Batten, Ron
Braybrook, Sarah
Charles, Cain
Gadd, Ingrid
Koene, Michael
Rogers, Rachal

I have decided the easiest way to resubmit is to post the 5 main projects to your blog. I will not worry about the earlier projects as I have seen them from the majority of people and if you can complete and post these things to your blog then it shows you know how to do those earlier things any way.

I am sorry for the confusion. Next time folios will not be able to be submitted on CD or USB to avoid these issues.

Blog projects (5 in total)

1-Digital collage 15 x 15cm #1

2-Digital collage #2 15 x 15cm

3-Pop Art Portrait #1

4-Pop Art Portraits #2

5-B&W Photo recolouring from Flickr

If you feel you already have these on your blog, leave a comment and I will recheck

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Week 3: Real VS Imaginary - Small VS Large. Further insights into project

is a comic artist who made an entire city in his basement out of carboard. the buildings have been displayed in the Art Gallery of Ontario and also in New York Galleries.

Loretta Lux,
creates imaginary portraits which address the idea of childhood as a paradise lost.  The artist utilizes photography, painting and digital imaging to execute her compositions, creating scenarios of isolation and distance that occur in an ambiguous time and space while referencing paintings by Old Masters, such as Bronzino, Velasquez and Goya.

Slinkachu blog
My 'Little People Project' started in 2006. It involves the remodelling and painting of miniature model train set characters, which I then place and leave on the street.

miniature set building,

Ways to construct your set.
I'm not expecting you to build some amazingly detailed and expensive miniature set but rather just get creative with the materials you have at your disposal, e.g.,
Carboard from boxes
Lego or other building bricks
Objects, books, boxes, drawers cupboards, pipes

Friday, July 16, 2010




"Two employees try to induce a co-worker's relapse by pouring baking soda on his desk and repeating the word "crack" over and over."

"Don’t focus on the one guy who hates you. You don’t go to the park and set your picnic down next to the only pile of dog shit.""

Texta Queen

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week 2: Real VS Imaginary - Small VS Large


To create a digital image that is a new take on reality by combining real and imaginary elements together.

Use a combinations of photographs at different scales and combine them together. Photographs will be a combination of the set you make, props/objects, and real life.

We see the use of sets in film and video all the time, where a miniature set is made to imitate the real world. If you think about this you may realise that you are very familiar with this kind of vision. I do not care how you make you set or if it looks fake, in fact making it look fake might be part of its charm. You may construct you set out of 'ready made' objects, or you might construct a city out of paper or cardboard. Whatever you do you will have to photograph it at different angles to get some pictures that you can manipulate digitally.

Create two A3 digital prints.

Examples (but not limited to):
-Construct cardboard buildings/structures and digital place real world objects in this miniature  scene.
Due date:
We will be working on this for 4-5 weeks
-To look at how you as an artist can create new worlds that make the viewer question what is real, or what they are looking at
-Combining photographs and digital effects
-To solve visual problems with digital methods

Leave a comment with any questions and I can get back to you.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Week 1: Inspiration and linking

Sometimes it is hard to understand what the value of blogs, twitter and facebook is until you actually discover something you like, or someone you like using it.
I would like you to try and find some sites that interest you, preferably art or culture ones or something that is inspiring to you. Take the time to really search for something good.

There are three things I would like you to look up and link on your blog
  1. A blog, ie, blogger, wordpress, livejournal; Not a myspace page.
  2. Twitter account
  3. Facebook fanpage
Once you have found three links I would like you to link them in a blog post, add pictures and a writeup if you like. It is a good practice to link to sites that you like for a number of reasons. For example, linking to other sites increases your ranking in search engine results, it may ensure that whoever you are linking will will link back to you, people may even just come to your blog to see who you have linked to recently.

I will be introducing our first digital concept project this first week, so you can also ponder this project in the first week back.

Semester 2

For the second semester I would like to focus on giving the class digital art concept projects that you have to come up with a solution for yourself, as opposed to giving you digital techniques based classes. For each of these ideas you will be given advance notice and you may need to come to class with drawings, photos or sculptures even that you can use.

I have also had some extreme difficulties marking the folios for first semester due to some of your discs or USB drives not working. Some folios were missing significant projects we undertook. Therefore I will be giving students one week (after our first class back) to correct these issues, otherwise a 'CN' (fail) grade will be given.

I may need to take some time off in the coming weeks due to the arrival of a new baby any day now, although I have already designed your workload for that period.

Keep an eye on the blog for any updates!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Funny article

 From the illustration Friday blog,
10 College Rules to Help You Never Become a Successful Illustrator
1. Skip as many classes as you can get away with.
2. Don’t make an effort to submit assignments and catch up with your homework when you skip a class.
3. Always be late to class.
4. Recycle assignments from other classes so you don’t do as much work.
5. Don’t ever do more than you’re asked to for your assignments.
6. Don’t participate in class so you don’t learn how to articulate your thoughts while you’re still developing your skills.
7. Get sick so often and for so long that you can’t even draw for school.
8. Don’t take advantage of the opportunities given by both your school and professors while you’re still a student.
9. Spend as much time as possible hanging out, drinking, smoking, watching TV and sleeping while you’re still in school.
10. Don’t realize you’re graduating and entering the real world until you’re a senior.

Rest or articles here