Thursday, August 5, 2010

Return of the teacher

Only a lucky few of you got to see that I have returned from my parental leave yesterday, so yay to you. As for the rest, you will have to wait until next week, boo hoo!

There was a little bit of confusion with this project, which I was able to resolve with those there. Some main things to keep in mind,

*The project is going for a total of 6 weeks, we have already completed 3 weeks and have 3 weeks left. This means you should have a good idea of what you want to do with the project by this stage, ie, sketches, notes images etc

*You need to make something for this project to work, this is in fact the background or you could say stage for your work

-A cardboard building/wall/s
-A figure or shape from clay/playdough/molding clay
-Something made from lego/duplo bricks/mechano set etc
-A painting or drawing (for a background)
*If it is totally impossible for you to do this then I will need you to discuss with me the reasons why not and how you may substitute making something with using ready made objects, ie, dolls house, toy cars etc

*All images used need to be photographed/scanned by you or a friend, this means no internet images

*The final output of this project will be two A3 prints. You may make many variations of your work but only two will be chosen for print

*Bring in some cardboard, paints glue etc to class next week and we can use the hi-res cameras from the graphics department to photograph

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