Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Requirements for Folio Presentation

Semester 2
Small vs Large (Real vs Imaginary)
-2 x A3 prints

Collage Project
-3 x A5 prints

Extra points for
-Print outs of backup images (a page of thumbnails would be fine)
-notes etc

All to be handed in at the drawing studio (Same as drawing and Painting folios)
You can present your work in either a box or folder (you could make your own cardboard folder if you like).
It is not necessary to buy an expensive folder, however I would like to see you take care and pride in how you present you work.
For example,
-A clean folder/box
-Clearly written labels if necessary (don't scribble labels on scraps of paper)
-Laid out in chronological order
-Cleary marked with your name
-Prints in good condition,ie, not smudged, wrinkled, dog eared etc

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