Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Class 16th June 2010

I would like you to go to and do a search for ‘commons’, this will bring up a range of public domain images that are basically copyright free for our purposes today. Would like you to find an old B&W photograph for you to download and work with today. Usually photographs in the commons can be downloaded at larger sizes, try to get the largest size you can find.
We will look at colouring B&W photographs by painting in a layer underneath the photograph layer.
To do this you will need to make sure you have new layer underneath your photograph layer, and then set your photographic layer to the blending mode ‘Multiply’ (you can find blending modes in the layers palette)
Then simply use any of the tools to create colour underneath the images, paintbrush, paint bucket, pen tool, magic wand etc. You will need to be sure you are in RGB mode and not greyscale, you can check this by going to Image>Mode>RGB

Advanced options
Create a B&W collage with images you find on Flickr commons, create textures and layered effects underneath the B&W images. Create multiple images like this.
Basically just use the time that you have to make work that you are capable of.

Look at
Learn about creative commons
Think about the resolution of images
Downloading and saving images
Understanding colour modes
Working with layers and blending modes
Being creative within Photoshop and thinking of innovative ways to use the tools

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  1. hey anthony its beaux.i cant do the 5 things for digital its hard and i dont know how to do it. can we catch up tomorrow to do it please? please get back to me or call me about it