Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Funny article

 From the illustration Friday blog,
10 College Rules to Help You Never Become a Successful Illustrator
1. Skip as many classes as you can get away with.
2. Don’t make an effort to submit assignments and catch up with your homework when you skip a class.
3. Always be late to class.
4. Recycle assignments from other classes so you don’t do as much work.
5. Don’t ever do more than you’re asked to for your assignments.
6. Don’t participate in class so you don’t learn how to articulate your thoughts while you’re still developing your skills.
7. Get sick so often and for so long that you can’t even draw for school.
8. Don’t take advantage of the opportunities given by both your school and professors while you’re still a student.
9. Spend as much time as possible hanging out, drinking, smoking, watching TV and sleeping while you’re still in school.
10. Don’t realize you’re graduating and entering the real world until you’re a senior.

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