Friday, July 9, 2010

Semester 2

For the second semester I would like to focus on giving the class digital art concept projects that you have to come up with a solution for yourself, as opposed to giving you digital techniques based classes. For each of these ideas you will be given advance notice and you may need to come to class with drawings, photos or sculptures even that you can use.

I have also had some extreme difficulties marking the folios for first semester due to some of your discs or USB drives not working. Some folios were missing significant projects we undertook. Therefore I will be giving students one week (after our first class back) to correct these issues, otherwise a 'CN' (fail) grade will be given.

I may need to take some time off in the coming weeks due to the arrival of a new baby any day now, although I have already designed your workload for that period.

Keep an eye on the blog for any updates!


  1. Congats on the baby news Anthony. I hope all goes well. What's the deal with 'texta queen'? You are freaking me out, man.

  2. Here's her website. What exactly is freaking you out?