Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week 2: Real VS Imaginary - Small VS Large


To create a digital image that is a new take on reality by combining real and imaginary elements together.

Use a combinations of photographs at different scales and combine them together. Photographs will be a combination of the set you make, props/objects, and real life.

We see the use of sets in film and video all the time, where a miniature set is made to imitate the real world. If you think about this you may realise that you are very familiar with this kind of vision. I do not care how you make you set or if it looks fake, in fact making it look fake might be part of its charm. You may construct you set out of 'ready made' objects, or you might construct a city out of paper or cardboard. Whatever you do you will have to photograph it at different angles to get some pictures that you can manipulate digitally.

Create two A3 digital prints.

Examples (but not limited to):
-Construct cardboard buildings/structures and digital place real world objects in this miniature  scene.
Due date:
We will be working on this for 4-5 weeks
-To look at how you as an artist can create new worlds that make the viewer question what is real, or what they are looking at
-Combining photographs and digital effects
-To solve visual problems with digital methods

Leave a comment with any questions and I can get back to you.


  1. Let me know what you think of this new project if it makes sense etc. I welcome creative interpretation of the brief!

  2. i've done what i think sounded right, if you could check it that would be sweet. it the starry night one