Friday, July 9, 2010

Week 1: Inspiration and linking

Sometimes it is hard to understand what the value of blogs, twitter and facebook is until you actually discover something you like, or someone you like using it.
I would like you to try and find some sites that interest you, preferably art or culture ones or something that is inspiring to you. Take the time to really search for something good.

There are three things I would like you to look up and link on your blog
  1. A blog, ie, blogger, wordpress, livejournal; Not a myspace page.
  2. Twitter account
  3. Facebook fanpage
Once you have found three links I would like you to link them in a blog post, add pictures and a writeup if you like. It is a good practice to link to sites that you like for a number of reasons. For example, linking to other sites increases your ranking in search engine results, it may ensure that whoever you are linking will will link back to you, people may even just come to your blog to see who you have linked to recently.

I will be introducing our first digital concept project this first week, so you can also ponder this project in the first week back.


  1. Looks like somones having a play with there bloggy

  2. Couldn't help but play with the new template designer. Just noticed the post is in black how emo!

  3. is it ok if i link up some communities that arent facebook or twitter, because i've been a part of some forums for some time and theyre much better IMO
    and theres spaces to post art and meet other am artists and stuff like that

  4. That's ok Chloe. Just be sure that it links to one artist, not a community. probably didn't make this clear enough, although i ddi expect to be there in person to explain! It's a simple exercise so we can find and share artists sites on the web, preferable on sites that people in the class could easily join up to. Hope that makes sense.