Thursday, July 22, 2010

Resubmiting work

As I mentioned I had trouble with CD and USB's not working and I will need to get certain people to resubmit. These people are,

Gillett, Beaux
Gorsuch, Emma
Guerra, Betsabeth
Hobbins, Lynda
Mcintyre, Cameron
Batten, Ron
Braybrook, Sarah
Charles, Cain
Gadd, Ingrid
Koene, Michael
Rogers, Rachal

I have decided the easiest way to resubmit is to post the 5 main projects to your blog. I will not worry about the earlier projects as I have seen them from the majority of people and if you can complete and post these things to your blog then it shows you know how to do those earlier things any way.

I am sorry for the confusion. Next time folios will not be able to be submitted on CD or USB to avoid these issues.

Blog projects (5 in total)

1-Digital collage 15 x 15cm #1

2-Digital collage #2 15 x 15cm

3-Pop Art Portrait #1

4-Pop Art Portraits #2

5-B&W Photo recolouring from Flickr

If you feel you already have these on your blog, leave a comment and I will recheck


  1. Hello There
    Just letting you know that I'm having trouble with the tasks and it's not the lack for me trying. So therefore I'm going to need help on Wednesday so I can PASS!

  2. email me at,
    with specific questions. If not your should have a staff member to help you on Wednesday or ask a class member who has done it. Sorry I can't be there to help at the moment, but I will respond to emails